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CROMIE DISCO > Castellaneta, Italy

todayJuly 11, 2022


Minutes from the pristine blue waters of the Bay of Taranto in Castellaneta Marina sits Cromie Disco. With its iconic circular dancefloor built on a Roman amphitheatre, the club has been one of Italian clubbing’s crown jewels since its inception in 2003.

A true hi-tech arena created by the synergy of two great architects, interior designer Javier Mariscal and “concrete” architect Alfredo Arribas. Its audio and video technology makes it one of the most modern clubs in Italy. The 360-degree video mapping and the sunroof are proof of this.

The club has welcomed huge international acts like Peggy Gou and Charlotte de Witte, as well as local heroes like Luca Agnelli and Vasco Rossi

74011 Castellaneta TA, Italy


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